PinyinWadeGilesConverter — Hanyu Pinyin to Wade-Giles


Upper- or lowercase will be transfered between syllables, no special formatting according to anyhow defined standards will be guaranteed. Upper-/lowercase will be identified according to three classes: either the whole syllable is uppercase, only the initial letter is uppercase (titlecase) or otherwise the whole syllable is assumed being lowercase. For entities of single latin characters uppercase has precedence over titlecase, e.g. R5 will convert to ER5 when Erhua forms are “unroled”, not to Er5.

Conversion cannot in general be done in a one-to-one manner. Standard Pinyin has no notion to explicitly specify missing tonal information while this is in general given in Wade-Giles by just omitting the tone digits. This implementation furthermore doesn’t support explicit depiction of Erhua in the Wade-Giles romanisation system thus failing when r-colourised syllables are found.


class cjklib.reading.converter.PinyinWadeGilesConverter(*args, **options)

Bases: cjklib.reading.converter.RomanisationConverter

Provides a converter between the Chinese romanisation Hanyu Pinyin and Wade-Giles.

  • args – optional list of ReadingOperators to use for handling source and target readings.
  • options – extra options
  • dbConnectInst – instance of a DatabaseConnector, if none is given, default settings will be assumed.
  • sourceOperators – list of ReadingOperators used for handling source readings.
  • targetOperators – list of ReadingOperators used for handling target readings.
convertBasicEntity(entity, fromReading, toReading)
convertEntities(readingEntities, fromReading, toReading)

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