cjklib.exception — Error classes

Error classes.


class cjklib.exception.AmbiguousConversionError

Bases: cjklib.exception.ConversionError

An AmbiguousConversionError is raised when a conversion of one entity from one reading to another is ambiguous.

class cjklib.exception.AmbiguousDecompositionError

Bases: cjklib.exception.DecompositionError

An AmbiguousDecompositionError is raised when decomposition of a string written in a reading is ambiguous.

class cjklib.exception.CompositionError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

A CompositionError is raised on a general composition exception (e.g. non-reading entities are rejected).

class cjklib.exception.ConversionError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

A ConversionError is raised on a general conversion exception (e.g. no mapping).

class cjklib.exception.DecompositionError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

A DecompositionError is raised on a general decomposition exception (e.g. reading string has a bad format).

class cjklib.exception.InvalidEntityError

Bases: cjklib.exception.DecompositionError

An InvalidEntityError is raised when a entity given (e.g. through decomposition) is invalid for the current reading.

class cjklib.exception.NoInformationError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

A NoInformationError is raised when the database lacks information for the given lookup value.

class cjklib.exception.UnsupportedError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

An UnsupportedError is raised when the given option is not supported.

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