cjklib.build.cli — Build command line interface

Command line interface (CLI) to the library’s build functionality.


  • bug: “Prefer” system does not work for additional builders

See also

buildcjkdb — Build database
Documentation on the CLI


class cjklib.build.cli.CommandLineBuilder(deprecated=None)

Bases: object

Command line interface (CLI) to the build functionality of cjklib.

Definition of build groups available to the user. Recursive definitions are not allowed and will lead to a lock up.
Builders prefered for build process.
classmethod getBuilderConfigSettings()

Gets the builder settings from the section Builder from `cjklib.conf`.

Return type:dict
Returns:dictionary of builder options
classmethod getConnectionConfigSettings()

Gets the connections settings from cjklib.conf.

Return type:dict
Returns:dictionary of connection options
classmethod getDefaultOptions(includeConfig=True)
Gets default options that always overwrite those specified in the build module. Boolean options of the DatabaseBuilder can not be changed here as they are hardcoded in the given command line options.
classmethod printFormattedLine(outputString, lineLength=None, subsequentPrefix='')

Formats the given input string to fit to a output with a limited line length and prints it to stdout with the systems encoding.

  • outputString (str) – a string that is formated to fit to the screen
  • lineLength (int) – with of screen
  • subsequentPrefix (str) – prefix used after line break
Runs the builder
runBuild(buildGroupList, options)

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