buildcjkdb — Build database

buildcjkdb builds the database for the cjklib library. Example: buildcjkdb build allAvail.

Builders can be given specific options with format --BuilderName-option or --TableName-option, e.g. --Unihan-wideBuild=yes.


show program’s version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-r, --rebuild
build tables even if they already exist
-d, --keepDepending
don’t rebuild build-depends tables that are not given
-p BUILDER, --prefer=BUILDER
builder preferred where several provide the same table
-q, --quiet
don’t print anything on stdout
database url
attachable databases
register own Unicode functions if no ICU support available
ignore settings from cjklib.conf

Global builder options

path to data files
insert entries one at a time (for debugging)
ignore missing Unihan column and build empty table
include characters outside the Unicode BMP
limit keys of Unihan table
collation for dictionary entries
enable SQLite full text search (FTS3)
file path including file name, overrides searching
file extension, overrides file type guessing
use collations for dictionary entries

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